Select The Right Tufting Supplies for Your Rugs

If you are a small business owner specializing in tufting rug production, you already know that the quality of your tufting supplies is what makes your rug last longer.

  • Opt for materials with a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton for added toughness
  • Choose strong and durable tufting cloths to withstand tufting gun use.
  • Ensure the tufting cloth has a high stitch density to keep yarn secure
  • Look for tufting cloths with marked guidelines for accurate stretching 
  • Select cloths with sewn edges to prevent fraying and extend the rug's life.
  • Use forgiving tufting cloths that allow easy correction of mistakes
  • Prioritize tufting supplies that contribute to the longevity and satisfaction of your customers' rug use. 
With Dabline's tufting cloth, you get a strong fabric that's made to last. It's got a mix of polyester and cotton, so it's tough enough to handle a tufting gun without tearing. This means you can make rugs that not only look good but also stay together, just like the best monks cloth for tufting should.
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