Backing Rug Fabric for Tufting with Grippy Non Slip Rubber Dots

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  • Grippy - The last thing you want is a slippery rug. We added non-slip vinyl rubber dots to your rug backing fabric to prevent accidental slips and falls.
  • Add a Professional Look - Level up your rug by adding a blossom dot design to the back of your rug. Adding a rug backing fabric will also act as a layer of protection.
  • Can be Glued or Sewed - This backing fabric can be sewn to your tufting cloth, or it can be glued by spraying or applying carpet glue to the felt side of the tufting backing fabric. Pair this item with our primary tufting cloth to create a great rug making kit.
  • Protect Your Rug - The added rubber dots on your tufting backing fabric will compress and bounce back when stepped on, taking the strain off the rug's fibers. This shock-absorbing feature will extend your rug's lifespan.
  • Easily Cut - Our rug tufting supplies can be trimmed to your desired size. Consider buying a large-size fabric and then cutting it to fit your rug.
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Customer Reviews

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Ash F
Works great

My rug is extremely large and even though this is 1/3 the size I put it in the middle and my rug hasnt shifted all day! Hopefully it stays that way! Id say its good value for money.

Fairly standard backing fabric, nice thickness and grip

I honestly haven't found much difference between various brands of backing fabric made for rug tufting - they all seem to be the same thickness of gray felt with the same rubberized pattern. While it isn't novel, it's still high quality. Came neatly cut and folded in a plastic sleeve with resealable snaps, which is handy as you can fold it back up and tuck it back in the envelope for storage after you cut off the piece you need. I do a lot of smaller rugs so each doesn't require more than a few square feet of backing and I should easily get 5-6 rugs worth of backing out of this piece.

Great product

Using this product for my rugs and it came in pretty fast. The quality is great and makes the finish product looks solid. Thank you

Garrett Ryan
Great to have for big rugs

We just purchased a giant 8'x10' rug and this does a great job at keeping it in place!

Ben Z.
It's a rug pad. A nice rug pad!

I definitely appreciate this style of rug pad much more than the honeycomb foam or plasticky grid-style pads that are cheaper and more widely available. This pad is made with a thin grey fabric and tiny non-slip dots in a pattern on one side.It works great and is very cuttable to allow for fitting under various sizes and shapes of rugs. It definitely gives any rug a slightly more plush feel, and is easy to glue to the bottom of a rug if you desire.Worth noting: This rug pad has a slight smell when you first open it, but nothing compared other kinds of rug pads. Once you install it under the rug, you basically can't smell it!