Quilting Template Set includes 5.5"x5.5" quilting frame, quilting stickers, quilting gloves, 8 different quilting templates designs and patterns
Quilting Templates Set
Quilting Templates Set
Quilting Templates Set
Quilting Templates Set
Quilting Templates Set
Circle quilting template, bubbles quilting templates, meander quilting templates, candy cotton quilting templates, which way border quilting templates, swirl quilting templates, heart boarder quilting templates, and holly quilting templates. Each templates comes with quilting instruction sheet to guide you.
Free motion quilting templates and rulers. Unboxing video from Dabline

Quilting Templates Set

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  • Package Includes - Our free motion quilting template set includes - 8 quilting templates, a quilting frame, and a pair of quilting gloves. A guide sheet is provided with each quilting template to help you create your creative quilting designs.
  • Great Optical Clarity - Our free motion quilting templates provide outstanding optical clarity for easier placement and visualization of your quilt! 
  • Slick - The last thing you want is your template tugging on your quilt's fibers. Our free motion quilting rulers and templates are designed to slide easily across the fabric. They are 5mm thick and made from high-quality acrylic!.
  • Quilting Frame - One of the challenges in creating your unique quilting patterns is keeping your template taut. To overcome this challenge, we included a quilting frame in your quilting rulers set. The frame is equipped with two handles to provide you with a better grip. Place a template inside your frame and use the handles to move them around with ease!
  • Quilting Gloves - Moving and shifting heavy quilts can put your muscles and nerves under pressure and tension, but we have a solution!. Our quilting gloves have rubberized fingertips. This rubberized coating will help you move heavy quilts easily as it provides a better grip on fabrics.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Peg in AZ
Difficult to use

Templates move within the frame

Expectations Met

I havent been able to use the product yet. Packaging is what is presented in video. Templates seem made of sturdy material. I will update rating when I finish my quilt and attempt to use product.

Excellent quality

Extremely happy with the quality of items. Can't wait to use them. Will buy from this company again.

Not what I was expecting at all. Very good quality.

Honestly have not used them yet. They are well worth the money.

Cindy M Murfitt
Used and scratched

The product is what it says. BUT.... mine came used. It has scratches all over it. There was no protective film to remove or instructions. I will go ahead and keep it since it is still usable.

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