Andrew Garton

From Dream to Reality: The Journey of a Rug-Making Artist

"I honestly did not think I'd be able to tuft, but i ended up falling in love"

- Andrew Garton

Have you ever had a dream that seemed out of reach, but deep down, you couldn't shake off the desire to pursue it? Meet Andrew Garton, a passionate rug-making artist whose journey from dream to reality serves as an inspiring tale of perseverance and dedication.

Here is a glimpse of Andrew's latest work


For Andrew, the journey into the world of rug-making began with a simple dream. Watching others create beautiful rugs ignited a spark within him, igniting a desire to do the same. Yet, like many of us faced with new challenges, he started to have doubts. Despite these uncertainties, he took the leap of faith and embarked on his creative journey.

Armed with determination and fueled by passion, Andrew dove headfirst into tufting. He gathered all the necessary supplies and immersed himself in the art of rug-making.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Andrew found himself falling deeper in love with their craft. Every stitch, every knot became a testament to their growing skill and unwavering dedication. Through trial and error, he discovered the beauty of perseverance – the art of never giving up.

Andrew, a big thank you from everyone here at Dabline. You are such an inspiration. 

We hope Andrew has inspired you to create what you love, persist through struggles, and most importantly, has fueled your creativity!

Happy Tufting!

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