Benefits Of Using Quilting Templates

You may learn about various quilting templates when you first start quilting. In this blog, we will discuss what quilting templates are and what benefits you may receive when you use them.

What Are Quilting Templates?


By definition, quilting templates are the stencils you can use to outline the boundaries for making appliqué pieces, cutting out different patchwork components, and tracing designs for the quilting stitch. You can easily find quilting templates in the market. These come with calibrations that help you identify different sizes and placement marks, so you can easily use them to trace.
If you don't want to buy quilting templates, you can make them at home using materials such as Mylar and cardboard. Other quilting professionals also use freezer paper by ironing the sheets together to make a thicker template.

What are the Benefits of Using Quilting Templates?


You can find quilting templates of all shapes and sizes, so you can use them for whatever you want. Experts say that there are many benefits to using quilting templates; let's take a look at some of them.



When quilting without a template, you may make mistakes, such as cutting the pieces in different sizes. For a good quilt, it is important to cut out all the pieces in the same size. Moreover, they should also be of the same thickness. A quilting template can help you cut all the pieces with great precision. The entire quilt will be the same size, and you can use a rotary cutter to ensure that the size is thick enough.

Easier Process


When you use a quilting template to stitch your quilt, you will be able to mark stitch lines very easily. If you use a plastic template, you can find stitch lines for all the motifs, making things a lot easier for you. You can choose any specific motifs, such as border designs with corners or feathered designs. With the plastic template, you can also picture what the end result will look like as you go. This will give you the opportunity to make any change you want before it is too late.

Assists with Other Aspects


When quilting with appliqué, you may face problems with the placement or selection of the fabric. With a freezer paper template, you can solve all these problems and easily quilt using appliqué.

Using the right quilting and tufting tools is essential to ensure that you tuft and quilt without any errors. Without the tools, it is difficult to match the levels of accuracy and piece a quilt together in the best and error-free way.

For video tutorials on how to use your quilting templates visit our YouTube channel here.

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