Are Your Tufted Rug Outlines Too Thick?

Are your tufted rug outlines look too thick? If so, try these simple tricks to help you.

1. Use a Single Tufting Technique

Instead of going through your lines twice, try a single tuft technique. This small change can make your outlines thinner, giving your rug a neater look.

2. Tufting with a Twist

Precision is key, especially with outlines. Use the needle just right – not too deep, not too shallow. A steady hand makes your lines even and your design pop!

3. Step Back for a Magic Check

Pause and look at your work now and then. This magic check helps you spot and fix any line thickness issues early on.

4. Trim as You Go

Remember, trimming can work wonders! Trim each color as you finish. Sometimes, thicker outlines become perfect after a good trim.

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