How To Use Bubble Border Template For Free Motion Quilting

If you have ever ventured into the exciting realm of free motion quilting, you know there are times that you have a border or blocks that need some kind of decorative stitching, but how do you choose what design to use?

Today, we want to introduce the adorable and versatile bubble template that is part of our Dabline Quilting Template Set. The bubble border template can be used as a filler design, all over quilting motif, or embellishments on borders and blocks. 

Make sure you Set Up Your Machine for Quilting with Templates before you start practicing on how to use the Bubble templates.

How to Use Dabline’s Bubble Template

Before you start stitching into your quilting project you are planning on using the bubble template on, we recommend doing several practice rounds to make sure your hands and brain can work together to move the template and quilt under the needle. 

Even before turning on your sewing machine, take a practice quilt sandwich, the bubble template, and the template grip to your machine and place it under your needle. Place the ruler foot in the “start” position on the left side of the template. 

Next, start slowly moving the template and quilt sandwich in tandem under the needle, keeping the ruler foot edge against the template edge and follow the curve of the template all the way to the “stop” position on the right side of the template. 

While you are doing these practice movements, always keep in mind that you need to move smoothly and make sure you are not accidentally moving the template without the fabric. 

Refer to the card that comes with the bubble template if you need help with the direction you should be going. The card also shows you what the stitches should look like once you start sewing. 

Once you have practiced enough so you are comfortable with the movement and speed, go ahead and try doing some practice stitches with your practice quilt sandwich. Take it slow at first, keeping your focus on smooth, even movements. 

We suggest doing at least 4 to 5 complete bubble lines with a practice quilt before you jump into quilting your actual quilt project. Your seam ripper will thank you later! When you are confident in your ability to sew this adorable bubble design on your project, jump right in and have fun with it!

The Dabline Bubble Border Template is a great entry-level quilting template that anyone can master regardless of skill level. With all the Dabline quilting templates you can create beautiful, unique quilting designs on your quilting projects with your own sewing machine.

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