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If you were to poll 100 quilters and ask them what they think is the most popular free-motion quilting design, most would say meander quilting. When you first start learning how to free-motion quilt, the meander is probably the motion you practice first. 

What if I told you that using our Meander Template can quickly achieve the meander quilting design with barely any practice or complications. The Meander Template is just one of the eight templates in the Dabline Quilting Template Set. Let’s go over how to use this template for your quilt projects.

Before we go over how to use the Meander Templates, make sure you Set Up Your Machine for Quilting with Templates.

Now that your machine is set up and ready for quilting with templates, you can begin practicing with the Meander Template. 

How to Use Dabline’s Meander Template

We recommend practicing the motions before you even turn on your sewing machine. This extra practice will help your hands and brain learn the movements necessary for smooth stitching, especially around the curves of this template. 

Take a practice quilt sandwich, at least 10”x12”, and bring it to your sewing machine. Place it under the needle. Then place the Dabline Template Grip and Meander Template onto the quilt sandwich. 

Line up the FMQ ruler foot with the starting position of the template (on the left side.) Now, without turning your sewing machine on, start moving the template under the needle, keeping the foot against the side of the template to ensure you have smooth curves. This will help you get used to moving the fabric and template in unison under the needle. 

Continue moving the template, working the FMQ ruler foot through the curves of the template until reaching the stop position (on the right side.) Imagine that the needle is down. Move the template, so the foot is back at the start position. Reference the card that came with the template for this step.

Practice the movements with the sewing machine off until you are confident in following the curves of the Meander Template. 

Once you are comfortable with the movements of the template, grip, and fabric under the needle, you are ready to practice stitching the meandering path. Follow the instructions we went over, but turn your sewing machine on and take it slow. Practice the meander until you are confident you can sew gorgeous meander pathways on your quilt project.

The meander quilting motif is a staple in free-motion quilting, and the Dabline Meander Template is here to help. You can use this template to stitch quilts, clothing, handbags, or other sewing projects. 

Happy Sewing!

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