What is Free Motion Quilting?

Free motion quilting is a particular style of machine quilting which you can do on your domestic sewing machine, or a long arm quilting machine.

Free motion quilting is when you drop the feed dogs on your sewing machine so you can freely move your fabric around to quilt your design.
                                     free motion quilting templates

There is a learning curve with this method, as it can sometimes be hard to maintain even stitches. We recommend practice, practice, and more practice! Eventually you will get the hang of it and recognize the proper rhythm to keep your stitches as even as possible.

There are a few different ways you can go about it!

Freehand, making the design as you go

                                     Quilting stencils

Draw the design with removable pen and then trace with stitching

                                     Quilting design

Or, use quilting templates!

                                     Quilting Templates

Using templates, like the ones we sell here at Dabline, can help with keeping your presser foot steady and a little easier to maneuver. Where you may have gotten wobbly and wonky lines of stitching before, templates can help you stay on track and will help keep your lines more even. Plus the wide range of template designs make for the perfect starting point to let your creativity run wild!

                                    Quilting Frame

 Happy Quilting!  

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