Easy Tips for Tufting Small Letters

All you need for tufting small letters is the right technique and good materials! 

By our artist: gorilla_rugz

1. Use One Yarn Strand

For those tiny parts of your design, using just one strand of yarn is key. It gives you better control and precision, making your small details stand out.

2. Use Durable Tufting Cloth

A strong foundation is essential for any tufting project. Choosing a durable tufting cloth can make a significant difference, ensuring that your stitches stay secure and your artwork lasts longer.

3. Tuft and Carve the Interior Spots

Begin with the interior elements of your design. Tuft and then carve these areas first. This step helps in creating a clear boundary and makes the rest of your work easier to manage.

4. Proceed to Tufting and Carving the Exterior Spots

Move on to tufting the exterior parts and then carve these areas.

PRO TIP: Remember to maintain a slight gap between the interior and exterior tufting to prevent colors from bleeding into each other.

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